About Us

About Us

Our Approach

To serve people, we offer quality work, creating landscapes that are both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. We work primarily with plants and stones to transform outdoor spaces and we go the extra mile to make your experience with us enjoyable from start to finish.

To serve the planet, we do not use pesticides or herbicides and we offer alternative solutions to weed control such as using corrugated cardboard rolls to suppress weeds. We make an effort to source materials with the least negative impact on the environment as possible. We love working with clients who share our values.

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Our Founder: Hudson Soules

I was born and raised in Virginia Highland. I have always loved Atlanta and after living in the Bay Area for 17 years, I decided to move back to my roots in 2019 to be closer to my family.

I got into the field of garden maintenance and landscaping in 2007, after graduating college from San Francisco State University.

I worked for Western Gardens for 4 years and gained knowledge in plant id and installations, as well as irrigation. In 2011 I moved from San Francisco to Berkeley and auspiciously moved across the street from Jim Smith, owner of Kavalski Gardenworks. I became his right hand helper for the next 7 years as I learned the trade thoroughly from him.  He was a great mentor and we had a lot of fun while creating and maintaining many beautiful gardens. 

In 2018, Jim gave me the business he said I had earned through sweat equity. My co-worker Samantha became my employee and Kavalski Gardenworks became Soules Gardenworks. Samantha and I had a great year and a half together before I decided to move back to Atlanta. Samantha took over the business and evolved the business into Samantha Rae Gardenworks and continues to offer exceptional work in the East Bay.

After moving back to Atlanta  I was very fortunate to have a lifelong best friend in Atlanta who has an established, thriving landscaping business. I started working for Jesse Paluch Landscapes while also setting roots for my own new Atlanta business-  Soules Landscapes.

In 2021, I transitioned to running Soules Landscapes full time. I love using my creativity to create beauty in the world that is beneficial to the environment and brings joy to my clients for many many years.

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