Frequently Asked Questions

Happy to Answer

Awesome! I will encourage you to look over the website and decide if we may be a good fit for your project. The first step in working together is booking an initial consultation through the website. There is a non-refundable $100 fee for the consultation that will be subtracted from the total project cost if we choose to work together. This allows me to focus my time, energy and expertise on clients who are serious about working together.

I look at your existing landscape with you and listen to what is and isn’t working with your outdoor space. Think about your ideal outdoor space and how you will use it. What are your priorities? What is your budget?   From there, I come up with potential solutions that address your issues and accentuate your current landscape.

After our conversation, you will receive a detailed proposal that provides a scope of work based on your budget and priorities.



My primary method of communication is texting, but I am happy to email if that is preferred.

I prefer checks made out to Soules Landscapes.  As the quote will describe, half of the total amount of the project is due 1 week before the start date, and half upon completion. If a check is not convenient, I am happy to accept a credit or debit card payment through your QuickBooks invoice. 

Yes. Once you have accepted the quote, I will schedule a start date as soon as our availability lines up with what works for your schedule. One thing that can change the start date of a project is inclement weather and heavy rainfalls.

During the project, I will keep you updated with progress via texts and in person conversations depending on your availability. At the beginning of the project I give a range of days… For example… If I think a project will take us approximately 5 days, I say a range of 4-6, because it may take 4 days if the weather is perfect, or it may take 6 if it rains or we encounter unforeseen obstacles such as buried concrete.

We take pride in doing a great job and strive to set you up for success. After the project, I am available via text or email for any questions or concerns. If there is an issue due to our craftsmanship, we will come correct it.

We will leave you with general watering directions for new plantings as they become established.

No. As the quote will say, there is no warranty on plants. That said, we strive to set your new plants up for success by selecting healthy plants and amending your soil with planting mix and using healthy amounts of mulch. I am available to hear about what plant died and try to assess the reason.  Sometimes plants die. We work hard to set them up for success so that this rarely happens

We provide pruning, garden care, cleanup and general maintenance for existing clients on a quarterly basis. We do not do general maintenance otherwise.

We create landscapes that are helping the planet by not using herbicides or pesticides and by amending the existing soil with planting mix. I also prioritize using biodegradable and innovative weed solutions that allow essential creatures such as earthworms to thrive. In a nutshell, I support happy soil ecology that is good for the planet as well as your plants.

Yes, I can help you design a low-maintenance landscape. Working with stones and hardy plants that do not require much care are some of the ways we achieve this.

Laying sod is not our specialty. We will lay sod if it is a smaller component of a larger project, but we are not the best choice if your project is primarily laying sod.

Yes, we install low-pressure drip systems for some gardens. However, Georgia’s climate makes establishing plants without irrigation a great choice as well.

Yes, we build fences when it is a component of a larger landscape project. We do not do projects that are solely fencing.

Yes, we install water features.

Yes, we carry a general liability policy.