Your Landscape Transformed


Every project is unique and we will be able to give you an accurate proposal after your initial consultation; however, you can get an idea of our project scope and pricing below. 

Our services include garden design & installation, installing flagstone patios and pathways, boulder placement, grading, installing natural retaining walls, environmentally safe practices for weed retention, as well as fencing and drainage solutions.


Starting at $2K
  • Thorough Cleanups can but do not necessarily include the following elements of work:
  • Pruning, mulching, plant removals and new plantings as well as new borders for planting beds.


Starting at $6K
  • Includes everything offered in the Thorough Cleanup as well as providing a lasting solution to a problem.
  • For example, an Enhanced Landscape could turn a small, muddy backyard into an appealing flagstone patio.

Transformational Landscape

Starting at $10K
  • Transformational Landscapes improve an entire landscape with new plantings, mulch, hardscape elements, and a cohesive design.
  • This tier of offerings takes a client's outdoor space from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Evolutionary Landscape

Starting at $20K
  • Evolutionary Landscapes differ from Transformational Landscapes in scale. They are complete overhauls of larger properties, setting them up for success from top to bottom.
  • The before and after experience of an Evolutionary Landscape is dramatic and will make neighbors jealous.

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